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The Tiger Hill Sariska
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Wildlife is something that has so many things which are unexplored by many of us and this is a reason, we keep on chasing the mystery of wildlife. Sariska Wildlife tour is designed in such a way that wildlife enthusiasts can find a great way to pick out the mysteries of nature. It is a short tour which you can enjoy on weekends along with your friends or family. This tour covers famous Sariska National Park which lies between two big Indian cities and features exclusive variety of fauna and flora.
Bhartrihari Temple Alwar…
The Devotional Temple of Rajasthan!!!
In Indian history 'Raja Bharthari' is also known as "Sant Bharthari“ in many parts of the country. The Bhartrihari temple is more than thousands years old and is one of the best places to visit near sariska national park. The Samadhi of Shri Bhartrihari, is located near jingling refreshing waterfalls over the hills, which is a perfect blend of serenity and calmness. There are number of folklores associated with Maharaja Bharthari, some believe that Raja Bharthari gave up his kingdom on realizing the disloyalty of his beloved wife. The temple is considered very pious and has healed and fulfilled the desires of many. It thus has hundreds of foot falls every year.
Pandupol Sariska…
The Hiding place of Pandvas!!!
As per the epics; it is said that the Pandavas spent some part of their exile at Pandupol, Sariska. The famous Draupadi ki Rasoi, one of the best places to visit in sariska national park still exists there. This has given the place a significant historical importance and a reason of making tourists stop on their route to Sariska National Park. It is also claimed that here Bhima, who had acquired the strength of thousand elephants, had been defeated in the ego battle by Lord Hanuman and so a well-known Hindu temple was founded amidst the mountains. The cave is a natural arch that has been engraved in the limestone because of the action of water and is several hundred feet above the ground.
Tal Vriksh…
The Significant Tree!!!
About 35 km away from Alwar is a picturesque place in the Talwrik district, which is popular for its historical and religious serenity. Located on the Alwar-Narayanpur road, it is famous as a natural tourist destination for its natural beauty and scenic scenes. It is believed that the great sage Mandyav originated from this place.The Famous ancient temple of Ganga Mata with its springs of hot and cold water kiosks adds importance of this place. The head of lion is the main attraction which was killed by Maharaja of Alwar.
Bhangarh Fort…
The Mysterious story!!!
The fort narrates an untold story about the city mentioning the curse of a witch craft person on the city. The man was fascinated by the charm of Princess of Bhangarh, Ratnavati. As she was considered to be the jewel of Rajasthan, but the charmer could not get married to her. The story reflects are tales of souls still haunting the place. And some even say that that is the reason for the government barring all entry from the city. The locals believe that the princess has reincarnated and the fort and the empire of Bhangarh still awaits the princess return and put an end to the curse.